The most important season of the year for improving your soil is the fall of 2020!

Experts recommend "topdressing" your lawn -- applying about half an inch of compost to it in the fall. That's because compost naturally makes your soil richer for the spring. It improves the moisture-holding capacity of the soil, adds nutrients and feeds soil microbes which are critical in making food available to the roots. Click here to learn more and grab your fall compost today!



Imagine this being said of your crops: "High profitability. Comparatively low labor, fuel, irrigation and machinery costs. Greater soil productivity. Low erosion. Improved water retention. Better nutrient release. Accelerated plant growth. Increased yields. Suppressed weeds." Click here to see how this can be made a reality for your crops!


Milk quality starts with healthy, comfortable cows. Cows need to feel comfortable, as they spend most of their days lying down processing feed into milk. Dairymen also need to feel comfortable with the cost and effectiveness of their cows' bedding. Click here to see how Timber Creek's bedding makes both cows and dairymen happy.



With landfills brimming and new sites not easily found, science has shown a way to extend your landfill's lifetime by 40%! It's totally do-able. See why our multi-site, 40-acre composting, grinding and processing facility -- and various remote sites -- can easily receive multiple cities' and counties' organic waste streams.

We’re the West’s trusted compost experts.

Working on a new or existing garden or landscape? Seeding your lawn? Planting a tree? Maybe you're a farmer, highly dependent on the health of your crops.

Take a look at the soil you're working with. It's likely hard and compacted, often containing sand or stones and lacking in nutrients. Whatever your project is, the unhealthiness of your soil is going to make your project far more difficult.

Click here to see how Timber Creek Recycling's mulch and compost products energize and breathe new life into soil. Using solid science and years of experience, our products improve soil structure and fertility, moderate pH and increase water absorbency.

Every good garden and landscape starts with superior soil.

It's hard to overemphasize the importance of good soil preparation.

Many tend to take soil quality for granted. Yes, soil may seem indestructible at times, but in many ways, it's quite delicate and extremely complex. Soil is made up of rock dust, humus, pores and various organisms and microorganisms which create the environment in which plants can thrive. When we come along with our rototillers, spades and garden forks, stomping around in our gardening boots, we disturb the natural balance of the soil.

Click here to check out Timber Creek Recycling's New Life blends of lawn and garden products. With formulations based on proven science, New Life soils actually increase the health of your lawn and the productivity of your garden.

Every terrific result rests on a terrific beginning. Give your soil some new life...with Timber Creek Recycling's New Life products!


Put over 100 years of farming and livestock experience to work for you.

Timber Creek Recycling's owners have been farming and raising cattle since 1917 -- over five generations. We know what it's like to try to grow vast crops on rocky soil. We've woken up in the middle of the night to help birth a calf, adjusted cattle bedding during blizzards and moved irrigation pipe before sunrise more times than we can count. We know agriculture (it's literally in our DNA).

You're the beneficiary of generations of farming and livestock experience, where we've never rested on our laurels. We've always been passionate about seeking out and implementing cutting-edge, scientifically-proven solutions which makes ag operations more cost-effective.

Click here to learn more about what we've done, the acclimation we've received and most importantly, the dedication Timber Creek Recycling has to ensure your operations will also thrive five generations...and longer.

When you give, we give a little more.

Timber Creek Recycling is so committed to giving back, that we regularly partner with local non-profits, local and state officials to help bring the benefits of recycling to an ever-expanding populace.

See who we've donated to, and how your nonprofit can score some free recycled organic product for your project!

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