3/4 inch Crushed Concrete

  • Crushed concrete is made from 100% recycled rock material, like concrete products. This means it’s also highly compactable because it’s formed from crushed rock of varying sizes.
  • Crushed concrete comes from stone-based structures (for example, torn down roadways, curbs, gutters, porcelain, brick and blog) that are being replaced themselves. The product is then broken down, re-crushed and reprocessed into crushed concrete. Because it is a recycled material, its color may vary from product to product.

2-4 inch Crushed Concrete

How does one use crushed concrete?
  • Driveways and Roadways: Crushed concrete can help rebuild driveways and roadways. It’s usually placed below the roadway surface or beneath the asphalt of driveways.
  • Parking Areas: It is ideal aggregate material for placement in the foundation for building parking areas for trailers, boats and RVs.
  • Large Structure Foundation: It can be used for small foundation areas like sheds, patio bar areas and other small areas that would benefit from structured, stabilized pad area.