Garden Compost

Our Garden Compost is primarily composted dairy manure and is a organic soil amendment for vegetable gardens, flower beds, lawns and landscapes. It is a natural organic compost that provides beneficial microbes and helps enhance soil structure for healthy plant growth.

Timber Creek Signature Blend 

Timber Creek Signature Blend is a unique soil conditioner and fertilizer in one. It is ideal for increasing organic matter in any soil to ensure the best garden soil mix for your garden. It is made primarily of aged dairy manure and green materials that is composted into a rich, fertile compost soil amendment.

Timber Creek Gold Compost

Timber Creek Gold is a nutrient-rich soil conditioner that can also break up clay soils and provide moisture retention in sandy soil. It works as a great amendment for fruit trees, vegetable gardens and flowers. Our Timber Creek Gold is made from recycled green materials, aged dairy manure and forest humus.

ACHD Compost

Our ACHD compost is certified and meets all ACHD specifications. It is primarily green materials that have been composted and are weed free, herbicide free, pesticide free and absent of garbage.

Organic Leaf Compost

Our Organic Leaf Compost is made from 100% composted green materials that landscapers and homeowners bring to our yard. This material is fully composted, screened and free of any added fertilizers. Use our leaf compost in early spring to revitalize soil or as a top dressing around plants to keep your soil moist.

Fairway Blend

Our leaf compost screened down to 3/8”, minus eliminating 90% of the sticks. Golf courses love this mix because it allows them to rely on organic matter for nutrients rather than synthetics.

You can learn more about our commitment to golf course landscaping here!

Benefits of Compost Use

Let us help you connect with your local farmer and show the benefits of organic compost.

  • Compost improves soil structure, porosity and density, thus creating a better plant root environment.
  • Supplies a variety of macro and micronutrients and significant quantities of organic matter
  • Improves and stabilizes soil pH
  • Improves water holding capacity
  • Can increase crop yield
  • Weed free source of organic matter
  • Source of stabilized organic matter — doesn’t degrade readily when added to soil or cause proliferation of disease organisms
  • Can reduce or eliminate the need to fallow fields
  • Few consistent, stable and weed free soil amendments are available for agricultural usage
  • Allows for faster plant growth and extensive rooting (improves soil structure and supplies beneficial microbes)
  • Can help reduce compaction and reduce soil bulk density
  • Increases moisture infiltration in heavy soils and oxygen exchange
  • Rich in plant nutrients (micro and macro) — will allow for a reduction in fertilization
  • Suppression of various soil-borne diseases
  • Has been shown to suppress nematodes
  • Can increase sugar content in certain crops, potentially producing more flavorful, better tasting crops

We Can Help

  • We can help you convert your waste into a valued resource.
  • We have the experience! Timber Creek Recycling’s owners have been farming in the Treasure Valley for over 118 years. We both make and use compost on our farm.
  • We can show you how to be a partner in the area’s water conservation.
  • Local farmers are looking for compost with lower salt content.
  • We are the 2015 DEQ Pollution Prevention Champion.
  • We have the equipment and knowledge.
  • We are US Compost Council Certified Professionals.

Order your Timber Creek Recycling compost today! Download a pamphlet of this page and call us at 208-887-8546 today for special pricing.