• Can increase crop yield
  • Weed free source of organic matter
  • Source of stabilized organic matter — doesn’t degrade readily when added to soil or cause proliferation of disease organisms
  • Can reduce or eliminate the need to fallow fields
  • Few consistent, stable and weed free soil amendments are available for agricultural usage
  • Allows for faster plant growth and extensive rooting (improves soil structure and supplies beneficial microbes)
  • Can help reduce compaction and reduce soil bulk density
  • Increases moisture infiltration in heavy soils and oxygen exchange
  • Rich in plant nutrients (micro and macro) — will allow for a reduction in fertilization
  • Suppression of various soil-borne diseases
  • Has been shown to suppress nematodes
  • Can increase sugar content in certain crops, potentially producing more flavorful, better tasting crops

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  • We can help you convert your waste into a valued resource.
  • We have the experience! Timber Creek Recycling has been farming in the Treasure Valley for over 118 years. We both make and use compost on our farm.
  • Let us help you connect with your local farmer and show the benefits of organic compost.
  • We can show you how to be a partner in the area’s water conservation.
  • Local farmers are looking for compost with lower salt content.
  • We are the 2015 DEQ Pollution Prevention Champion.
  • We have the equipment and knowledge.
  • We are US Compost Council Certified Professionals.

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