Landfill Services

If you or your landfill have excess organic waste, we can take it and process it, making your area more environmentally healthy.

Located on 40 acres of farmland (and the ability to expand to thousands more), Timber Creek Recycling can easily remove/divert or store organic material from a landfill. Our commercial composting, grinding and processing facility can easily receive multiple cities’ and counties’ organic waste streams. Contact us today to see how we’ll improve your landfill’s productivity…and make our environment healthier in the process!

Bring Us Your Recyclable Materials

Drop off your waste at one of our locations, or call in to schedule an onsite pickup and we will come to you.


Timber Creek Recycling has been making yard waste new again for three generations. Together we can make Idaho the greenest state possible! Dispose of your yard material at one of our friendly neighborhood recycling facilities.


Drop Off or Onsite Disposal is available for:


  • Trees
  • Branches
  • Grass/Sod
  • Leaves
  • Garden Waste
  • Green Waste
  • Logs/Wood
  • Construction Wood
  • Pallets
  • Sheetrock

Our Safety Protocols

We have:


  • A thorough maintenance program.
  • Cameras in every truck to ensure quality and safe driving.
  • Annual inspections.
  • Documented pre-trip inspection logs.
  • Weekly safety meetings.
  • Quarterly driver reports (including driver report cards).
  • Recognition and rewards for the top drivers obtaining zero incident goals.
  • A program to constantly update our fleet to lower our carbon footprint.

Fire Protection

If compost is stored at Timber Creek Recycling’s facility, we have many on-site fire fighting capabilities. We have a water truck with a side water pump and hose attachment, a front-end loader and fire extinguishers at every recycling area.


Monthly fire drills are conducted by TCR employees. No open burning or smoking is allowed at any recycling site.


Fire in compost material are typically extinguished by adding water and breaking up the pile. If needed, we can contact the Meridian Fire District for assistance.