Livestock Bedding

“Timber Creek Recycling’s wood bedding has helped improve our herd’s health…and our bottom line! On a dairy, mastitis is very expensive. One case of mastitis can cost a producer $300-$500 per cow.


Since we’ve used [Timber Creek Recycling’s] wood bedding, we’ve seen an immediate response in the cattle as far as our cases of mastitis going into the hospital!” – John Wind, Managing Partner, Liberty Ranch

Using Premium Timber Creek Livestock Bedding Saves Money, Time and Labor


Timber Creek Recycling has generations of experience in the dairy and farming industries. We know that successful dairy operations must balance a number of considerations for livestock bedding including:


  • Uniform support and comfort
  • Stay drier – which helps to reduce pathogen growth
  • Facilitate good footing, to prevent injury


Dairymen also need to feel comfortable, with bedding being:


  • Cost-efficient
  • Available
  • Easily handled
  • Labor efficient
  • Able to drain well
  • Promotes udder health
  • Able to limit pathogen growth


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Dairy Bedding (with gypsum)


Dairy Bedding (without gypsum)