Mulch not only beautifies planting beds with an attractive layer of material over bare soil, it also has numerous positive benefits, such as making garden maintenance easier while improving the health of your plants. Organic mulching materials offer the greatest benefits:

Moisture Retention

Mulch acts as an insulator to keep the soil moist for longer than uncovered dirt. The material absorbs water; therefore slowing evaporation of moisture from the soil. This means more water for the plant.

Soil Temperature Control

Mulch serves as an insulating layer for the soil so the temperature of the ground changes more slowly. Higher yields plants grown with mulch produce higher yields than plants grown without.

Weed Suppression

A layer of mulch will help suppress unwanted weed growth in your gardens and planting beds. Mulch prevents sunlight from reaching germinating weeds so they aren’t able to grow.

Soil Nutrients

Organic mulch materials break down over time. The decomposing mulch adds nutrient-rich organic matter to the soil. These nutrients feed the plants and organisms living in the planting area covered with mulch. The decomposed materials also improve the structure of the soil by adding space between particles in the soil. The added space in the soil better supplies plant roots with water, oxygen and nutrients because the roots aren’t compressed in hard, compacted soil.

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